The Wedding Template
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How to Use the Wedding Template

The Wedding Template is an easy guide to create a beautiful wedding. Think of us as your personal designer, offering expert advise.  Each template begins with a moodboard, color palette and texture guide.  From there, we walk you through the entire wedding, from paper goods, bridal style, bridal party attire, flower options and styles, the ceremony, guest tables, cake, drinks and food, and lighting. At the end of the template we encourage you to make notes for specific vendors based on the template.  Our goal is to make beautiful wedding design easy!


An expert guided design manual.



Your Template Toolbox:


Photo Links:

We’ve linked the products needed to create your wedding within the template.  Just click onto the photo for a link to the website. We have rental suggestions that are available at most rental companies, and offer a few options in  case you aren’t able to  find our first suggestion. Remember that its ok to change and choose, that is what makes your wedding unique. Look for the hyperlinked products throughout the template. 

Pricing guide:

To be mindful of your wedding budget, we have included cost where applicable and a pricing scale elsewhere. Here is how the scale works:

$ Budget. Total budget < $20k

$$ Average. Total budget < $40k

$$$ Moderate. Total budget <$80k

$$$$ Luxe. Total budget > $80k


Mood Board, Colors & Textures:

Each template begins with a moodboard, color palette and texture guide.  These colors and textures should be used throughout the wedding to keep it cohesive. We have provided color codes for both main and accent colors  so that you can match your paper goods to your website, your signage to your menu. The wedding textures we suggest  help set the tone of the wedding, and serve as a guide when choosing rentals, vases, paper etc. 


Since the template is a guide, and your wedding is unique, we encourage you to be creative,  Our suggestions will help you create a wedding that is cohesive, but we’ve also made suggestions that will help you personalize if you decide to make any changes. We suggest using the mood board, color and texture stories and visuals as a guide when choosing your wedding day details. By keeping the colors and textures consistent, you are able to beautifully modify the template in ways that are speical and unique. 

Tips from a Pro:

Our very favorite vendors have been kind enough to share their knowledge with us.  You will find ideas throughout the template straight from the most popular vendors in the wedding industry. Please note this template serves as a design guide only, and that full wedding planning including logistics should be handled through your wedding planner or another qualified wedding expert.  Sharing the template with your vendors allows you to ensure that they understation your aesthetic vision.